- We breed for Miniature and toy Schnauzer Puppies!!

"Heidi" is a dream!!  She came to us from Royal Schnauzers in Utah and is sweet, laid-back and loves attention!!  Her sire is white and her dam black.  Heidi is AKC  Registered and should mature at 13#.  Her coat is thick, soft and silky.  
"Zoe" is AKC  Registered, weighs 11# and was produced right here at Lovemyschnauzers.  Her dam is "Layla", one of our retirees, and sire is "Charlie Brown".  She is happy go lucky with whatever comes her way.  Zoe is very playful and loves attention.  She has a very massive mega coat that is soft and will no doubt have some awesome babies!!
 Suzie is AKC Registered, 10#, black and silver in color, and is mega-coated.  She is very sweet and has a very soft, thick coat.  She loves attention and loves to play. She is very dark and has not faded!



LOVE MY SCHNAUZERS SWEET "LACEY" is such a sweetie!  She is very playful but is always ready to settle into a lap.   Lacey is AKC registered, 12.6# and has a mega coat.    Her coat is silky, soft and very easy to maintain, not cotton-like.  RETIRED AND CURRENTLY LIVING THE LIFE OF LUXURY WITH MY SISTER!



liver schnauzer
Lovemyschnauzers Chocolate Delight AKA "Chloe" is 8.2#,  mega coated, and AKC registered.  She is liver (chocolate) and is super sweet and loves attention.  She has been retired and is                                                                     living in her forever home.


"Daisy" is AKC registered, black and silver and mega-coated.  She is 7# and thinks she is just as big, if not bigger, that the rest of the clan. She is always so eager to be held, she jumps right up into your arms.  A true sweetie!  She has been retired from breeding and is now living in her forever home.


black and silver schnauzer Joni
Lovemyschnauzers Frosted Onyx  AKA "Joni" is an AKC Black/Silver girl.  She has a very laid back personality and is very sweet.  She weighs 12.5#, has a mega coat and is nonfading.  Joni is now retired living with her forever family.

Joni black and silver schnauzer 

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