- We breed for Miniature and toy Schnauzer Puppies!!
Why Schnauzers?
My family and I chose schnauzers for multiple reasons.  They do not shed, which makes them hypoallergenic and do not release pet dander like other dogs.  Another reason is because through much reading and past experience from working with a veterinarian for 4 years, I learned that Schnauzers are very hearty.  I have some that stay inside and I have others that stay outside and they enjoy whatever habitat that they are in.   Schnauzers are people pleasing dogs that are very obedient and smart. 
Friendly and loving, schnauzers become part of their families and can get along well with children if raised and socialized properly. They are protective, and will alert members of the household to any potential danger. The schnauzer, ever alert, makes an excellent watchdog. The breed is of above average intelligence, so early training and diverse daily exercise is recommended.
Schnauzers are known for their distinctive beards and long, feathery eyebrows. Typically, they are shaved down the back while the hairs on their legs are kept long. It is traditional to have the tails trimmed and the ears clipped to give an alert appearance. Schnauzers have a double coat.
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